Album Promo Shoot with Dutch Rebelle- Kiss Kiss EP

Last week I had a great album promo shoot in Malden with Boston hiphop artist Dutch Rebelle for her upcoming project- the Kiss Kiss EP.

We started the day at Kstar’s salon, Salon Hairapy in Malden, for hair, makeup and styling, and from there we drove a bit and found a cool random red wall with bricks white trim - AKA perfect. 

It was a super hot summer day, we had to work quickly to keep the makeup from melting! After the red wall Nathalie switched up the look and we went up to the highest point in Malden- Waitt’s Mountain for expansive views of the Boston Skyline. 

As usual, the dream team (aka Dutch [model], Kstar [HMUA], nathalie [stylist] and myself [photo]) came together to create these visuals:

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