Roberto Valenzuela Workshop in Boston

I recently attended my first photography workshop in Boston taught by Canon Explorer of Light photographer Roberto Valenzuela. It was a dope experience that definitely exceeded my expectations. 

The focus of the workshop was on posing, and I learned so much about little things that can have a big impact on the effectiveness and believability of a posed photo. Posing is not just finding a photo you like on pinterest, memorizing it, and copying the pose with your clients… there is so much more involved.

Roberto’s posed work is so perfectly executed that it looks like it is not posed- but rather a photo journalism shot that was captured at the best moment possible where everyone looks great and natural. 

There is always something more you can learn as a photographer, you should never get too comfortable with your skills. I am constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone every single chance I get and this is what allows me to get better, dig deep and explore my own creativity and vision! 

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